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Do you think you can't start with the kitchen and bathroom ceiling Market with a mixture of fish and dragons? How can I buy genuine kitchen and bathroom ceiling? The editor specially consulted experts in the ceiling industry to summarize the three elements that should be paid attention to when choosing. As long as these three levels are well controlled, the choice of kitchen and bathroom ceiling is that easy

first level: quality level

kitchen and bathroom integrated ceiling in the market mainly includes lighting appliances, heating appliances, ventilation appliances, ceiling and auxiliary materials

the use environment space of bathroom and kitchen is relatively narrow and humid, which requires higher use effect and safety performance. In particular, consumers are reminded to pay more attention to the performance and safety of electrical appliances in the kitchen and bathroom ceiling, because electrical appliances are still the core of the kitchen and bathroom ceiling, just as the core of the TV is the picture tube, not the plastic shell

if you want to choose a good kitchen and bathroom integrated ceiling, don't listen to one side of the business&# 39; The only way is to fully understand the differences of products of different brands, see is believing, and shop around

the second level: brand level

kitchen and bathroom ceiling manufacturers are mainly transformed from Yuba production enterprises, including Aopu, Aohua, etc. part of them are involved by traditional ceiling enterprises in the form of OEM electrical modules, and the rest are OEM by some cabinets and even clothes hanger enterprises. Among them, there are many famous brand, fake brand, low-quality fake and unlicensed production enterprises that are common in Yuba market

due to the lack of quality control and core technology in most enterprises, the market is mixed with good and bad quality. Just imagine that if the original Yuba quality is not good, hype it from the new packaging, boast twice, and change a vest, its essence is fishing in troubled waters

therefore, consumers should give priority to products produced by professional and well-known enterprises when purchasing, so that the safety, quality and service of these products can be guaranteed

the third level: service level

strictly speaking, the kitchen and bathroom functional ceiling is not a product, but a sales service mode, including the concept of full service before, during and after sales

during the whole sales service process, consumers should beware of several traps:

trap 1: replacing flowers and trees and stealing new ones. Method: what you see at the time of purchase is different from the products installed after purchase, so you can benefit from it

trap 2: free gift as a cover up. Method: most of the auxiliary materials presented are of low quality, which cannot be seen after installation. It will cause deformation and falling off after a period of time

trap three: guerrilla war, shoot a gun, change a place, change a face, today is called Zhang San, tomorrow is called Li Si. Some products made irresponsible promises at the initial stage of entering the market and disappeared after a period of time; Or change the name, the same thing n names, the purpose is to avoid being responsible for product quality, and finally damage the interests of innocent consumers

similar methods are no longer enumerated. Consumers should improve their awareness of self-protection and try to choose some well-known integrated ceiling brands, so that the service quality can be better guaranteed




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