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Among many home decoration styles, the pastoral style is popular with many people because of its freshness, comfort and nature. After a busy day, I am tired of the city's lights and wine. When I return home, I quietly feel the pastoral atmosphere, which is very pleasant. Recently, Ms. Xia of Xinlong No. 1 residence left a message through the decoration bidding, saying that she asked Xiaobian to recommend a 90 square meter three room rural style decoration model room for herself. To this end, Xiaobian specially selected the following set from a variety of pastoral styles. Hurry to have a look

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[Xinlong No. 1 residence 90 square meters, three bedroom house type map]

house type structure: C house type, three bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom

home decoration style: pastoral style

[Xinlong No.1 residence 90 square meters, three rooms, rural style decoration model room display]

rural style living room:

the whole living room shows a vibrant atmosphere in terms of tone and furniture collocation. Several hanging pictures are hung on the pure white background wall, and then decorated with plants and potted plants, making it small, fresh and natural

rural style restaurant:

such restaurants seem to be particularly unique. The wooden dining tables and chairs, personalized tableware, and small card seat design seem to make every meal more warm and comfortable. They also use the form of cabinet to increase the storage space, and the storage effect is greatly improved




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